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Resortation and Maintence

Bikes Revided has great expertise and experience having worked on a vast vary of bikes - ranging from the high-end road bikes, the rugged mountain bikes, vintage bikes to childrens bikes.





Maintenance Levels

We have 2 maintance levels. Standard (stn) and super-plus (++). Below we have listed out what each entails.

 ( Excludes Parts) £50 £100
Brakes checked and adjusted y y
Gears set up (re-aligning the derailleur if necessary) y y
Wheels checked for damage/wear, slight wheel true  y y
Tyres inflated and inspected y y
Bottom bracket / headset / hubs checked for sideway play y y
Bolts checked y y
Frame and forks inspected for damage y y
Seat post greased  y y
Frame & fork cleaned up  inspected for damage/alignment y y
Drive train taken apart, cleaned and reassembled.   y
Hub serviced   y
Head set  stem greased (quill stem only)   y
Bottom Bracket thread re-greased   y




Individual Jobs

We also carry specfic jobs at your request. Below the list and pricing.

Tyres and Wheels
Puncture Repair - tyre and/or tube replacement £10
Puncture Repair - Brompton rear wheel £17.5
  Puncture Repair - Drum brake or gear hub enclosed chain £20
  Puncture Repair - E bike drive wheel £20
Wheel spindle/bearing replacement/re-grease/per wheel £15
Wheel truing (subject to wheel condition & Type) £10
Wheel assembly (with tyre and tube) and fitting  front and rear F  £10  R £15
  Broken spoke replacement ( incl. wheel true)  F  £20  R £25
Wheel build  £60
Gear adjustment (with existing cable) £8
Gear service (including replacement inner cables) £18
Gear cable - replace and adjust (single) £10
Gear cable internal - replace and adjust (single) £20
Chain fitting £10
Front mech fit / Rear mech fit From £15
Bottom bracket service or replacement (excludes New bottom bracket) £25
Crank set replacement  From £15
  Replace rear cassette of freewheel £10
  Gear hanger replacement and  alignment From £18
Brake adjustment (with existing cable) each £6
Brake service - (including replacement inner cables) £18
Hydraulic disc brake service(replace fluid and bleed system) - no pads £20 per brake
Brake cable (single) - replace and adjust £10
Brake cable nternal (single) - replace and adjust £20
Brake Pads - fit and adjust (front or rear) - ( Excludes brake Pads) £10 single £20 fornt and rear
General Jobs
Pedal replacement (pair) £5
Fork replacement £20
Headset service or replace £20
Handlebar replacement £12
Suspension fork fitting £20
Fit Handlebar Tape £20




Doctor Bike

Doctor Bike is program where we travel around the countys of Surrey and Sussex and preform "outside" bike maintenance. We often can be found at county fairs or anywhere there is a crowd !! We are a very social lot. So if your bike needs some work – checkout our timetable- come and see us.

What we can do for you

Flat tyres

Pump them up to their recommended pressure. Most bikes haven't had their tyres that hard since they were bought. Owners will be amazed at how fast, easy and un-mushy their bikes feel, and will grin like children in a sweetshop.

Badly set up brakes

Brake blocks missing the rim or hitting the tyre or toed-out and screeching or loose or missing.

Dry chains

Lube is an alien idea to the average cyclist. A can of 3-in-1 does the trick. All of a sudden, rough gears shift nicely again. A miracle cure!

Gears out of alignment

A little WD40 in the parallelogram pivots and some cable tension adjustment, and some total disasters can be made to run sweetly again. In some cases, though, the transmission is so worn that it'll never shift right: don't waste time trying to adjust these, send 'em to the shop.

Wheels out of true

So apply spoke key. Remember, you can get a wheel true enough in a couple of minutes, its that perfect raceday true that takes ages. You don't need that here.

Wobbly loose bits

A generous salad of Allen keys, spanners and screwdrivers sorts this lot out. When the rattles are gone, smiley people emerge.

General corrosion and perishing

Cables rusted into their outers are a shop job if a squirt of WD40 and some wiggling can't free them; perished tyres are likewise. If a tyre is particularly iffy, don't inflate it to full pressure.


Doctor Bike Time Table

Due to our friend below .. not much this summer program. Keep in touch .. maybe in Autumn.

Doctor Bike in action


Kit List

To help you understand the type of work and the standard of we work at these at these sessions,below is the list of tools we bring to a type Dr Bike session. There is even a hot flask of coffee if your early and it not all finished.

  • Workstand and pipe lagging or old tube to protect bikes.
  • Track pump - one with a gauge and multiple valve adaptors.
  • Screwdrivers - large, small and tiny slot and cross head.
  • Allen keys from 8 to 2mm.
  • Spanners from 15 to 6mm.
  • Adjustable spanners large and small.
  • Pliers, needle nose and square.
  • Multi-size spoke key.
  • Chain tool.
  • Sharp knife.
  • Rags.
  • A good cable cutter.
  • 3-in-1 and WD40.
  • Headset spanners, 28 and 32mm.
  • Cordless soldering iron and solder.
  • Bearing grease.
  • Crank extractor.
  • Chain whip.
  • Insulating tape.
  • Multimeter. You might meet a dodgy dynamo.
  • Bottom bracket and freewheel tools.
  • Hammer(s).
  • Third hand tool.
  • A handful of cable end caps.
  • A pair of cone spanners.
  • Parallel pliers and mole grips.
  • Pedal spanner.



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